Before establishing myself as a photographer, I spent just under a decade pursuing academic interests in philosophy, architecture, and law, specialising in the philosophy of architectural aesthetics.

—Cambridge University, 1998-2001
—Newcastle University, 2001-2003
—King’s College London, 2003-2006
—City University, London, 2006-2007

My current work is divided into personal and commercial projects. Personal projects explore philosophical questions in architecture and the built environment. Commercial projects so far include documenting major buildings and construction sites in central London, such as Tate Modern, Bloomberg Square and Crossrail.

On commercial projects, I endeavour to understand the conceptual basis for the design, and to depict this with a sensitivity for spatial qualities, materials, structure, how the building is used, and how it integrates into a broader geographical context.

Enquiries regarding commercial commissions, gallery exhibition opportunities, collaborations on artistic projects, and consultancy work related to architecture, photography and imaging are all very welcome.