LASDUN + HAWKSMOOR (2014–2019)

“... Lasdun perceived his Baroque predecessor, Nicholas Hawksmoor: less for stylistic motifs than for tactile spaces, muscular forms and underlying order; less for particular usages of classical grammar than for an instinctive sculptural sense in the handling of white masses gashed by shadows. In composing highly charged shapes, Hawksmoor incised lines and breaks in broad surfaces and accentuated silhouettes with deep ledges or mouldings. In handling wall planes and pilasters, he explored abstract geometries and deep reveals. In organising silhouettes, he had recourse to polygonal clusters and faceted shapes....”
William J. R. Curtis Denys Lasdun: Architecture, City, Landscape
(Phaidon, 1994) pp. 76-77

Limited edition fibre based silver gelatin black & white prints are available from my shop.

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