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I calculate my fees for each brief on a bespoke basis. Since no two jobs are exactly the same, I find it helpful to have at least an outline brief before indicating likely cost.

The most important considerations when preparing to instruct me for commercial architectural and construction photography are as follows:
— The artistic values you would like me to incorporate in the images (ie. their style and content), which ideally should reflect the design values of the project
— The intended use of the images
— Number of images
— Any deadlines for (a) image capture, and (b) delivery of processed image files or prints.
— Whether you would like other partners/contractors on the project to syndicate use of the images. (This may have the consequence of reducing the cost for each party to the brief.)

A site plan (with a north point) together with elevation drawings/renders where possible are very helpful preparation aids. And an advance site visit is always recommended to ensure the best possible viewpoints and lighting conditions are identified prior to the day(s) of the shoot.

A helpful guide to copyright and licensing is available from the Association of Photographers' FAQs.

I have the versatility to use the ideal camera format with regard to subject matter, site conditions, client budget, and intended use for the images.

My starting point for architectural work is a Nikon D810 body with Nikon perspective-control lenses.

5x4 film is an option for clients who desire exceptionally high resolution images, either with the view to producing superlative gallery prints or perhaps for work that would be more economical to shoot on film.

If both exceptionally high resolution images and being able to view the images on-screen on location are needed, I would use a medium format digital system. At a time when high-end digital camera technology surpasses itself ever more rapidly, I choose to hire my medium format digital system. This ensures you benefit from the latest and best image capture technology.

On-site construction work is usually carried out the Nikon D810 with perspective-control lenses, to ensure you benefit from technical photography with minimal (if any) interruption to site operations.

Images are supplied as fully processed and retouched high resolution digital files. Each file can be optimised for a particular output on request. (Nb. Files prepared for print should be optimised for the specific paper stock and printing process you intend to use.)

Online file transfer and archiving technology is generally the fastest and most secure way of delivering files. However, if you would like the files delivered on a USB device, I would be more than happy to oblige—especially if the file sizes are very large.

I offer prints, mounting and framing on request. I will also happily advise you on the best way to print your project.

Archival digital photographic prints are made in partnership with Metro Imaging in Clerkenwell. Metro have a long pedigree of making fine photographic prints for many of the world's most celebrated photographers.

Mounting and framing is usually done by Jack Carvosso Studio or Hawkins Framing.

A .PDF version of my estimate form and standard terms and conditions can be viewed here.

Please contact me, I would be very happy to hear from you.